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The Dorothy Roberts Award

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+ Dorothy Roberts d. Thurs. October 21, 2010, age 94 [award developed in October 2005]


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the St. Paul Diocesan Council, the Dorothy Roberts Award is initiated in this anniversary year of 2006 to commemorate the leadership, ministry and service of Dorothy Roberts to the Catholic community in the Diocese of St. Paul.


1.   This award shall be presented annually, if applicable, at the discretion of members of the Diocese of St. Paul Awards Committee, which consists of the President, President-Elect, Spiritual Development Chairperson, and Spiritual Advisor.
2.   The recipient shall be a CWL member living within the Diocese of St. Paul.
3.   This honorary award shall consist of an individual plaque presented to the recipient; and a permanent plaque which is inscribed with the names of all recipients. The permanent plaque shall be kept by the recipient’s council for display purposes until the following Diocesan convention.
4.   Nomination of a member must be submitted by a Parish Council.
5.   Deadline for submissions shall be December 31 of each year.
6.   The Awards Committee shall notify the recipient and the sponsoring Council President by February 15.
7.   The recipient shall have her transportation, registration, room, and meals paid to attend the annual Diocesan Convention to receive the award.

Criteria for Eligibility:

The nominee must:

1.   Be a League member in good standing (ie. has paid her membership fee in the current year).
2.   Portray a leadership role.
3.   Have demonstrated a commitment to ministry and service in an area, or areas, of need in a parish or community.
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     The Catholic Women’s League of Canada

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Please describe the ministry / service of this nominee. Why and when it was started, the role of the nominee and the length of her participation.
(This information may be written or typed on a separate sheet of paper, signed and dated by the Nominating President, and attached to this Nomination Form)


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